[NAFEX] Using basics to start.

Naomi dragon-star at cableone.net
Thu Mar 18 10:55:14 EST 2004

Yes, that is the advantage of cheap masking tape.  It self destructs. At
least it does here in the strong Idaho sun.
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  I don't use any electrical tape or any sticky tapes. The reason being if
you do get good growth and the growth is pushing if you take off the tapes
it most times peels the bark or messes up the cambium growth.

  Gordon C. Nofs
  Flint, MI.

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  I like cheap masking tape. It peels off easily. In fact most of the time
  the weather does it for me.

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  I've been reading this with interest, as I made my
  first feeble grafting attempts a couple of weeks back
  (how long until I know if they took?)

  As well as the rubbers, I tried some black electrical
  tape, which seems to me was mentioned awhile back but
  not in these recent discussi ons. Is this a good (hmm,
  Honda civic hatchback) technique?

  Also, I tried cutting my first whip-and-tougue grafts
  with a razor; perhaps my scions and rootstock were too

  tough, but it was impossible to get a good diagonal
  cut through pencil size wood with the razor blade -
  the blade isn't strong enough, and the holder got in
  the way. A kitchen knife might work better.

  Lisa in Ashland Oregon

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