[NAFEX] Apple Pruning

laura at innercite.com laura at innercite.com
Wed Mar 17 17:19:23 EST 2004

Hi Tom -

Down here in the Central Valley of California, they prune some orchards with a 
giant lawn-mower thingie (technical term). Many of the plum and citrus 
orchards are flat topped, and sometimes flat sided.  Which means they aren't 
doing any real pruning except for size. I read an article several years ago 
that studied the effects of pruning on Almonds, and it found that Almonds 
produced about the same whether they were pruned or not.  Sometimes when I'm 
sapping my arm strength with pole pruners and getting blisters from hand 
pruners, I think about those lawn-mowed orchards and wonder if pruning is 
really worth the effort.

> Never realized the amount of work in pruning a standard
> sized apple.  Spent most of the day dancing around a Mac
> with hand pruners, loppers, and one of those pruning poles.

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