[NAFEX] Using basics to start.

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Wed Mar 17 12:00:27 EST 2004

I would never want to loose a single first time grafter
because they could not find parafilm, grafting rubbers, or
Doc Falwells paint, or have them make a large investment in
materials, they already have around the home in other
forms.  Use the basics to start, and then work your way up
to the Caddilac methods (if you choose to).



While I agree totally with your statement, why learn to drive on a model T 
Ford before driving the Cadillac? The Ford wasn't nearly as reliable as today's 
Cadillac and it took a lot longer to get there not to mention all the flat 
tires in route. Back then if you drove 500 miles w/o a flat you had a good trip. 
That is what is at stake here, reliability and the number of successful 
"takes." A new grafter learning by using old and not as reliable methods may get 
discouraged due to flat tires and all the tedious work and we could still lose 

One more thing, the very best way to learn grafting is by watching an 
experienced grafter. Many organizations teach grafting such as the Chicago chapter of 
NAFEX, Michigan, Nebraska, Missouri, Ohio, Southern Ontario, Indiana Nut 
Growers and more. Get in touch with one of the many organizations that teach 
grafting and attend their demonstration meeting. Most are free and a single meeting 
is worth many hours of trying to learn from a book or a e/m net such as this. 
The Indiana Nut Growers grafting meeting will be May 23 at Indianapolis. The 
scion swap meeting is March 28, again at Indianapolis. 

Use the kitchen knives, throw away the wax, plastic strips and get Parafilm. 


PS. Hint for the first time Parafilm users. Store it in the frig. It will 
last for years that way and a 250 ft. rolI will supply the average grafter many 
years. Yes, I know, wax doesn't need be stored in the frig!  
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