[NAFEX] Grafting wax is old technology.

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I HATE WAX! Waite Maclin, Cushing, Maine Zone 5
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> Subject: [NAFEX] Grafting wax is old technology.
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>    I repeat, what is there about wax that makes all the work of heating 
> it worth the fuss?  I'd really like to know. 
> -Lon Rombough
> I'd also like to know. Sealing with wax is old technology. Parafilm is 
> easier than cow manure and smells better!!!  I did see a demonstration 
> by a USDA forrester who used diluted latex interior paint to paint the 
> entire graft. Still easier than using wax and wax pot. Forget the wax, 
> it isn't necessary.
> Also, Bill Heiman and I both have successfully stored scion wood a year 
> and used it to graft. Not a good idea, fresh is better. We both had 
> stored it in heavy gauge zip loc bags with moist (not wet) paper 
> towel.   Jerry Lehman
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