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I went surfing a week ago for some grafting tape and ended up buying both a pound of grafting wax and a dozen rolls of Parafilm.  I used a fabric-based grafting tape last year that had way too much adhesive on it and was a nuisance to cut with a razor blade 6 weeks later.  Reading this thread on grafting wax has made me wonder if wax is the route to go either, but I'm going to give it a shot.  If you're looking for a good source online for grafting wax or Parafilm, I found both products at a very competive price and had them on my doorstep 2 days after ordering them.  I got them from Orchard Valley Supply.  You'll find the grafting wax here:


And the Parafilm here:


I've got a question for the list though.  Will the Parafilm stay secure to the graft if a knot is tied in it at the end, or will I need to secure the Parafilm with a rubber budding band?  I only bought the bar of wax with the intention of dipping the exposed ends of the scions.   

How should Parafilm ideally be used?  And if I need to subsequently wrap or dip the graft with something in addition to the Parafilm, why bother with it at all?


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> Grafting wax is old technology, and parafilm or Doc Farwell's may be 
> easier, but wax works fine, and it may already be lying around your 
> house.  I can still buy paraffin at the supermarket - I'm not sure 
> where I'd get parafilm, but I'm sure I'd have to do a little research 
> and then probably wait for something to come in the mail.  Paraffin 
> melts at a modest temperature, that doesn't kill buds, and is actually 
> pretty convenient for bench grafting.  It's a pain in the field, and I 
> won't use it again on stuff that's too big to dip into the pot.
> Ginda
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