[NAFEX] Using Parafilm for grafting & scion storage.

rob hamilton lostman_amiga at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 16 09:46:34 EST 2004

How long have been able to keep scions viable in the
fridge? Can they be kept for a few seasons this way?


> I presume you are asking about dipping the scion in
> wax for storage. Not 
> necessary at all. Store your scion wood in freezer
> food storage bags, don't use 
> sandwich bags as they generally are thinner material
> and slowly lose moisture. I 
> like to wrap the scions with a moistened paper towel
> before storing. Wet the 
> towel and squeeze out all the water you can. Too
> much moisture can cause the 
> buds to decay. I've stored hundreds of pieces of
> scion wood doing this very 
> successfully for many years.  
> Jerry Lehman, Indiana,  zone 5

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