[NAFEX] story about CRFG president's backyard fruit collection+

William A. Grimes wagrimes at sonic.net
Mon Mar 15 11:33:03 EST 2004

At 04:29 AM 3/15/2004, Sam  wrote:
>Alameda Times-Star - Alameda, CA, USA
>...and pink blossoms. Despite its current bare appearance, Grov's San 
>Mateo yard contains some 150 varieties of fruit. Some are unusual ...

Thanks for the link. I frequently do not get to see articles in the smaller 
papers in which I'm quoted. This article was tough, in that the writer 
wanted one article that was to be published all over the Bay Area in vastly 
different climate zones - and she had two days to write it.

Bill Grimes 

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