[NAFEX] Potted Culture - Winter storage?

Kristina & Bruce herenorthere at lycos.com
Sun Mar 14 18:40:55 EST 2004

One thing that fascinates me is how varied everyone's experiences are.

mIEKAL said, "At some point freezing is gonna kill all figs.  I've never had a potted fig survive below 20-23 degrees F.  Even the Hardy Chicago."

Yet I never even begin thinking about wrapping my potted figs and moving them into the garage until lows are into the teens.  And although I've never put a thermometer in there, I suspect it gets colder than that when temperatures outside drop below 0.

On the other hand, after I stated my pet theory on how a lack of light inhibits leaf out, mIEKAL pointed out how his break dormancy in a dark basement.  Nothing is as simple as we sometimes think.

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