[NAFEX] My view of black currants (long)

Mauch1 at aol.com Mauch1 at aol.com
Sun Mar 14 05:05:04 EST 2004

My first (and only raw) taste of Black Currant was from a neighbor from a 
across the street from my parents who harvested from bushes that had reseeded 
themselves in her yard.  Well, they tasted so bad raw that I'd (almost) rather 
eat a raw persimmon.  That memory has kept me from planting black currants 
since, even though I have gooseberry, red currant and Jostaberry.  If I can't eat 
it raw, I probably don't want to have it.  I probably need to try some of these 
better cultivars, but haven't had the opportunity.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6
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