[NAFEX] Melons

Rondi Anderson nafex at mokalive.com
Sat Mar 13 23:28:57 EST 2004

Thanks all for you input on raising melons! Wow!!

Our results over the last few years would rate fair so this year we are 
going to include these changes.

1) Buy a few more varieties. :-D
2) Heat soil.
3) Inoculate seeds/soil.
4) Increase organic material in soil and mulch heavy once soil is 
5) Add lime because our soil is very sour at 5.7.
6) Plant Silver leaf Sunflowers
7)  Water moderately through June.
8) Experiment with the borax solution.
9) Encourage drought like conditions as harvest nears.

Rondi <-- off to seeds of change and bio ornganics

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