[NAFEX] Kumquats and pedicel

laura at innercite.com laura at innercite.com
Thu Mar 11 14:27:10 EST 2004

Hi -

It's kumquat eating time at my house, and I'm reminded of a question I have...

Anecdotally, I have noticed that if we rip the kumquats (Nagami) off the tree 
and leave the pedicel, the pedicel never drops off, and in fact seems to 
increase in girth over the season, as if the tree is still trying to shift 
nutrients into the fruit that is not there.  Years ago, when we first got the 
tree, the tree lost a LOT of vigor after it's first fruiting, even though it 
was well-fertilized and watered.  I noticed the enlarged pedicels from the 
previous year, and cut them all off - they had actually developed bark.  Since 
then, I always try to get the stem with the fruit, and the tree has 
never "lost vigor" after that.  

I'm wondering if there is any scientific evidence to prove that the kumquat 
could really putting effort into ripening the pedicel, or if it's just my 
weird observation, and my tree's continued success since ensuring fruit and 
stem come off during harvest is just a coincidence.


Laura Confal
Northern CA, where almonds have set, kumquats are ripe, apples are pushing, 
and spring is glorious

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