[NAFEX] Potted Culture - Winter storage?

Tom Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Thu Mar 11 12:40:11 EST 2004

Hello All,

We are coming into spring, and that concerns me regarding
potted culture stored in the garage (apple rootsocks, rooted
currants from the fall).

Although the unheated garage offers a good place for winter
storage, as the weather warms, the plants in there never
fail to start spring growth too early.  They end up having
leaves, long before it is safe to have leaves outstide.

I know some people start moving the plants outside and back
inside, but is there a better solution?  Will the thawing
and refreezing at this point in the season be too extreme,
or is a shaded northern exposure fine?

This time of year always leaves me wondering regarded the
potted culture.


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Canada
Hardiness Zone 5b

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