[NAFEX] Info on Black Currant questions (long)

Hal Love lovehd at comcast.net
Thu Mar 11 12:29:00 EST 2004

> Perhaps an ignorant question, but has Crandall been crossed with Titania
> Consort?  Del

I was looking into this just yesterday. Crandall is not a true blackcurrant,
and is in a different section than the true blackcurrants. Inter-sectional
crosses are sometimes possible, but are usually sterile. I found a reference
that indicated that Crandall/blackcurrant hybrids have been produced, but
the fertility of the hybrids was not disclosed (Keep, E. 1962. Interspecific
hybridization in Ribes. Genetica 33:1-23). Many interspecific hybrids have
been made in Ribes. The intra-sectional crosses are usually fertile, while
the inter-sectional crosses are almost always sterile. Fertility can
sometimes be restored by doubling the chromosome number with colchicine
(which is how Jostaberry was created). However, keep in mind that these type
crosses can be very dependent on the individual genotypes used, and trying
many different cultivars in the crosses may actually produce a fertile
hybrid if one is persistant and/or lucky. Maybe Ed can elaborate more on

zone 6 (8 this year!), TN

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