[NAFEX] Splice grafting, knifes & more.

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Thu Mar 11 11:33:38 EST 2004

For grafters with weak wrists, it may be difficult if not impossible to get 
nice smooth faces on the cuts of scion & stock, on sticks of pencil size.   
I have better success rates with wood half that diameter, because I can 
slice clean & straight thru it, and then I get a better match of the cambiam 

tc, s.WI, maple & cottonwood buds & a couple cold robins say "spring", but 
not much else

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Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 13:30:22 +0000

>Size is important. Pencil size or larger. Yes, smaller wood can also 
>but again why use smaller wood that reduces the chances of success
>percentage? Jerry Lehman 

I have occasionaly been faced with no choice but tiny scion wood, a cherry 
plum for instance. Your interesting comment on callusing from top down makes 
me wonder 'if the dessication problem in tiny scionwood could be solved by 
dipping a 6" scion in hot parrifin? or wet rag? or?' then maybe one could 
gain more stored energy by extra long length? . I have yet to solve how to 
graft with 1/16" scionwood well. A lovely 0'F this am. Del

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