[NAFEX] Buying a Few Extra Days / M9 Clones

Richard J. Ossolinski osso at acadia.net
Wed Mar 10 17:58:58 EST 2004

I am unfamiliar with Edward VII and have never been able to fully ripen any of
the Newtons; but Belle de Boskoop produces and easily ripens annual full crops
here in  Gouldsboro, regardless of rootstock.  
Wishing you success,
Gouldsboro, ME Zone 5

> Three Hills Farm wrote:
> NAFEXers:
> There are a couple of apples that I'd very much like to be able to
> grow and ripen up here on the Maine Coast/Zone 5, but I'm probably
> right on the fringe of where they'll ripen properly.   The apples are
> Yellow Newtown Pippin, Belle de Boskoop and Edward VII.  A grower
> recently suggested to me that I might be able to push the ripening
> time a couple of days by growing them on M9.  I'm about to graft all
> three varieties on the M9 clone Pajam 2 with the hopes that this is
> indeed the case.
> Is there anyone on the list who's growing the exact same variety on M9
> and a few other rootstocks to be able to comment on whether the M9
> trees ripen faster?  If so, how many days do you typically gain?
> Anybody on the list growing on Pajam®2 "Cepiland" ?  How does it
> compare to the other M9 clones you may have used in the past?
> Thanks for the feedback.
> John

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