[NAFEX] Grafting and Grafting Cuts

Console G4 b.cannon at worldnet.att.net
Wed Mar 10 12:49:16 EST 2004

Hi Jason,

>From time to time I teach grafting and have found that practice will 
make better if not perfect. Since many of us only have few valuable 
trees and don't want to willy-nilly hack away at them with our knives I 
do the following.

Before students start working on the rootstocks at hand we use cuttings 
for practice. Practice cuttings can be from a seedling of the species we 
want to work with or any similar plant. I do try and use wood of a 
similar texture and maturity to the plants my students hope to succeed 
with. Since I work with mostly sub tropicals like mango citrus and 
avocado our methods differ a little from temperate climate species 
(grafting wax is almost unused in warm areas of Florida and the tropics).

After making 6-12 practice runs students begin to feel some confidence 
in their abilities.

Best of growing,

SW Florida USA

ps: I have a grafting kit available that beginners and more advanced 
grafters find useful information is on my site at:

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