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Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Wed Mar 10 09:07:53 EST 2004

I have never tried the search feature on the archives.  All I have done is
go to 
Go to any month, click on "subject" and get a list of all postings arranged
by subject, alphabetically.  It does rely on the posters having stayed with
the subject, of course.  Beyond that, we need a good computer person to tell
us how to search within the letters, if the "search" feature isn't doing it.
-Lon Rombough

I decided to check out the archives after this discussion started, to see if
they have become more useful.  I searched for, among other things, "apple
wood", and got no results, even though I had introduced this subject not
long ago, and it is in the February archives under the subject "apple wood".
Thhen I did a search for "apple", and got the "no matches found" message
If you can't find things when searching the archives, it is quicker to ask
the question again than to go through the entire archives looking for your
I think the search function is useless.

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