[NAFEX] New vs. archives

Thomas Beckett thomas at tbeckett.com
Tue Mar 9 21:44:35 EST 2004

Lon J. Rombough wrote:
>    Being on a list such as this has interesting points.  One is that nobody
> ever uses the archives.  I've quit responding to many questions because the
> same ones have come up so many times there is already a slug of material on
> many subjects in the archives.   Perhaps it's time to clean out the archives
> and print them up in POMONA, so more people will see what's already there.
>    The main lesson, especially for new listmembers, is to check the archives
> first.  You might be able to get far more info than you thought, and save
> adding yet another layer of the same sediment to the bottom of the pond.
> Dive in and start digging.

I'm a newbie to fruit cultivation but reasonably experienced with 
Internet communities of this sort.  Back in the days of UseNet (a/k/a 
Internet Newsgroups), when questions in a particular group started to 
get redundant and a bit of a pain the members would compose a list of 
Frequently Asked Questions along with the answers.  In some instances 
the FAQ became a substantial repository of collective knowledge, took on 
a life of its own.  The FAQ was posted in a prominent location and the 
Clueless Newbies exhorted to consult it before posting a query.

The subject matter here is rather broad, but if, as Mr. Rombough 
observes, the questions are becoming redundant, then perhaps a FAQ is in 
order.  Especially if the archives are difficult to search.  If someone 
is going to go to the trouble of gleaning the archives for publication 
in Pomona, may as well publish it on the Web as well.

My humble $0.02 on the subject.  Hope this helps.

Thomas Beckett
Durham, NC

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