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There are a couple of apples that I'd very much like to be able to grow and ripen up here on the Maine Coast/Zone 5, but I'm probably right on the fringe of where they'll ripen properly.   The apples are Yellow Newtown Pippin, Belle de Boskoop and Edward VII.  A grower recently suggested to me that I might be able to push the ripening time a couple of days by growing them on M9.  I'm about to graft all three varieties on the M9 clone Pajam 2 with the hopes that this is indeed the case.

Is there anyone on the list who's growing the exact same variety on M9 and a few other rootstocks to be able to comment on whether the M9 trees ripen faster?  If so, how many days do you typically gain?   Anybody on the list growing on Pajam®2 "Cepiland" ?  How does it compare to the other M9 clones you may have used in the past?

Thanks for the feedback.


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