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Kristina & Bruce herenorthere at lycos.com
Sun Mar 7 20:56:49 EST 2004

My Aromatnaya quince produces edible quinces, but the aroma is far better than the texture.  Must be why it isn't named Texturetnaya.

The key for raw edibility is to leave fruit on the tree as long as possible.  They become more and more yellow and more and more aromatic.  The texture becomes less dense and they even sweeten a bit.  They don't do the same if picked early.  I usually leave a few hang until November for maximum effect.  And this is in a half shaded location in CT.  If it can ripen fruit this way in these conditions, it should be able to do the same just about anywhere a quince can survive the winter.

I eat quince pieces as I cut them up for jellymaking, but don't otherwise eat raw quinces.  But I inhale as much of that aroma as I can.  I'll walk by a rose, but I always stop to smell a quince.

Bruce Wittchen
1/2 mile outside Hartford, CT  

>Actually, some quinces are, or can be, edible raw.  They have an aromatic
>flavor that I like very much and have been looking for a type that was fully
>edible raw for years.  Smyrna is about the closest thing to it in a
>commercially available quince.  When fully ripe and allowed to "mellow" for
>a couple of weeks, it's about like a solid, somewhat acid apple.  I've been
>testing some other varieties and have found a few that are a little more
>tender, but they ripen on the late side for me, such that I think they need
>a hotter climate to get the acid down more.  I'm in contact with people who
>claim to have a truly edible quince and am due to get some this year.
>-Lon Rombough
>Grapes, writing, consulting, my book, The Grape Grower, at
>Winner of the Garden Writers Association "Best Talent in Writing" award for
>Look at the quince...  From everything I have ever read, it is a wonderful
>cooked fruit, with many uses, but cannot be consumed raw.
>I have never found one in any market in my travels.  A member of NAFEX
>supplied me with seeds, I got the seedling off to a good start, and another
>NAFEX'r (with a lot more land) is growing them out.
>Hook or by crook, I will taste a quince.

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