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Part of it is that they are in California, where the hotter climate keeps
the acids low (including the ones that make the fruit astringent) and raises
the sugar.   Cherries here in Oregon are slightly more acid, at least in the
early part of the season, but the later ones are much like that , too.
"Bing" is the main one they used to use for juice, though I'm not sure if
that's the case now.
   Interestingly, I make raw juice from the wine grape, Marechal Foch, and
it tastes a lot like Bing cherry juice.  Enough to fool you if you don't
know what it is.
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I just bought some (expensive) juice from Whole Foods that claims to be
100% black cherry.  I'm astonished how sweet and non-astringent it is
compared to the black cherries I used to chew on when I lived in NJ.
Anyone know how they do it?  (The brand is "Knudsons", or something.)
The juice has the richness I remember from the fruits I ate - it's very


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