[NAFEX] Black currant flavor/aroma/etc

Ed Forest edforest55 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 6 13:22:05 EST 2004

I expect that  the net outcome of this discussion will be a greater 
awareness and appreciation for black currant. However, no info has yet got 
me interested in exploring for a better black currant for home purposes. 
That info I believe is out there, but I haven't been "bitten" yet with a 
desire to explore other black currant varieties, I feel I am on the verge 
though, so don't give up, I have some more questions: You say that the 
Canadian varieties have harsh overtones so AHAH, I have not yet tasted the 
black currant flavor that Europeans grew up on, but rather only the Canadian 
harsh varieties.  And that, may be the crux of my problem, So now I may be 
"bitten", I wish to taste the traditional European black currant IF it is 
significantly different from others and this you seem to suggest. (A painter 
first starts at the basics, the traditional, and then goes on from there) 
So, what variety has the traditional black currant flavor that every 
European misses when they leave home? I will order this variety and then see 
if I won't be able to tell the difference in processed b currant. If so then 
I will go no further.

Steve Herje wrote:
I would trust the judgement of a person that specializes in the culture of a 
fruit, or that specializes in any subject of human interest.  That 
specialist has the experience to possess an informed judgment of quality.

I'm more of a "wine brat" type who likes Lambusco more than Merlot and 
claims anyone who disagrees is itchin fer a fight. But first I had to taste 
Merlot to make a judgement, true a distasteful experience but necessary to 
establish my own preference and curiosity. Now I would like to taste the 
true European black currant flavor which Ed says won't be distinguishable in 
the processed product but Steve seems to disagree saying that the Canadian 
harshness pervades into the preserves. So, if you think it is worth it, I 
will try this Bulgarian black currant and maybe one popular in England and 
then stop there if there is no "awakening". (You think it is "Minaj"?)

Kevin Bradley

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