[NAFEX] Mycorrhizal fungi and fungicides paper in 1998.

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Hello all,

This may be skirting a commercial, but so be it. The main object is 

In 1998 at the annual NAFEX meeting John Ferguson made a presentation titled: 

INNOVATIONS IN SOILS AND MULCHES which maybe should have been titled, "The 
Magic of Mulch." Except Mr. Ferguson took out the mystique by explaining how 
mycorrhizal fungus benefit plants. Shown were slides of ectomycorrhiza and 
endomycorhiza and root systems improved with their aid. 
     He told of the microbes in the soil that fix nitrogen, that coat and 
protect roots from disease. Slides were shown of plants growing well in hostile 
soil because of beneficial and protective microbes from composted mulches. 
Alongside in the same hostile soil were poorly growing yellow unmulched plants. 
     He went on to explain compost mulches, composted biosolids from waste 
sewage plants, mixing and their use in soils. He stated this is a relative new 
field with most information coming from research in the past 10 years. Much of 
this research is being funded by the Government. Cities are producing millions 
of tons of biodegradable waste material that could be converted not buried in 
land fills. 
     Finally he reported on a copyrighted article on a very large commercial 
citrus planting in Florida. There compost reduced spraying and fertilizer 
costs, increased yields and fruit quality with the bottom line profit increase of 
over $700 per acre. 

I've recorded on video many of the papers over the years and have this 
presentation recorded. The audio is recorded using a remote mic, not off room audio. 
For pricing send me an off line e/m.


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