[NAFEX] Cherries

William A. Grimes wagrimes at sonic.net
Sat Mar 6 01:07:38 EST 2004

At the request of correspondents to CRFG, I am looking for assistance in 
locating one variety of cherry and in identifying another. The former is 
the Dyehouse cherry, a sour variety identified in U.P. Hedrick's mammoth 
1915 book The Cherries of New York. It apparently was in the Geneva, New 
York, collection for years but was transferred to Davis, California, in the 
1990's and was subsequently lost. CRFG had one in their collection in 
Prusch Park in San Jose but it too was lost, and cuttings from one of the 
scion exchanges disappeared as well. Any help in locating a tree of this 
variety and/or in getting scion wood would be appreciated.

The other variety, unnamed, was last seen in Ontario, Canada, about 30 
years ago. The tree produced green cherries that turned white and were very 
sweet. The tree was very freeze-hardy and not prone to splitting. Anyone 
have any ideas? The correspondent would, of course, like to find and plant 
one. I thought I saw something in one of the nursery catalogs about white 
cherries but have been unable to locate it.


Bill Grimes

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