[NAFEX] pickled apples

Martha Barrett / Scott Weber bluestem_farm at juno.com
Thu Mar 4 10:06:37 EST 2004

That's 1/4 of what unit honey?   Cup? pound?  

>Pickled Apples
>"Another Russian Specialty, brined apples retain their
>crispness but acquire a flavor like that of sparkling
>3    quarts water
>1/4  honey
>8    teaspoons pickling salt
>2 or 3 handfulls of sour cherry leaves
>4 to 6 sprigs of tarragon
>3 pounds of small tart apples, such as Graventeins
>In a non reactive pot, bring to a boil water, honey,
>and salt, stirring to dissolve the salt. Let the brine
>Spread some cherry leaves and 1 or 2 tarragon sprigs
>on the bottom of a 1-gallon jar, Add a layer of apples
>on their sides. ; 3 should just fit. Layer more
>leaves, tarragon, and apples, and then repeat for a
>third layer. top with the rest of the leaves and
>tarragon. Pour enough brine  over the apples to cover
>them  well. Push a freezerbag into the mouth of the
>jar and pour the remaining brine in to the bag. Seal
>the bag. Let stand at room temperature for 5 or 6
>days, until fermentation slows. 
>Remove the brine bag, cap the lid tightly and set in a
>dark place where the tempreature dosent rise above 50
>degrees( I have used a fridge with good results.) Let
>the jar stand for 30 to 40 days befre eating the
>After you opens the jar, the apples with keep for at
>least a week in the fridge.
>I found the flavor to be very unique. I didn't know
>exactly what to use them for. It was not something I
>would eat a great deal of on their own. After a while
>I did discover they were perfect for light sandwiches.
>Where pickles or sauerkraut was to strong a flavor.
>They wend very well with mild flavored cheese as well.
>Let me know what you think.
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