[NAFEX] Winemaking in Iowa?

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Oh, yes, there's winemaking and vineyards in Iowa!
For more information, look at these sites:
Iowa Grape Growers Association
Iowa Wineries and Vineyards
Grape Expectations: A food system perspective on redeveloping the Iowa
grape industry
and recently updated, Fruit Science: Pomology: 
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AgNIC Viticulture site:
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I received an E-mail from Great River Vineyard (a Minnesota seller of
hardy grapes) They gave me the URL for a course in Winemaking that
will occur in about the middle of Iowa. I am posting it because I
believe that within 30 years every State in the lower 48 will be
making wine from locally grown grapes rather than imported grapes and
they will all be fine wines..
Personally I'd rather see more grape juice made from wine varieties as
occured one year when grape juice production exceeded wine making
capacity. I've forgotten the variety I was priviledged to taste but it
was so different from Concord that it was an exciting change for me. I
you live in Iowa and you want to be a wine maker, check it out. If
anyone has been making great grape juice from varieties other than
Concord I  would like to hear about it as unfermented grape juice
never gives me a headache.
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