[NAFEX] Tarte Tatin

mark wessel growyourown at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 1 22:26:02 EST 2004

    In the January/ Febuary 1996 issue of cooks Illustrated they had an
article on tarte tatin. For those of you not familiar with Cooks, they
select a classic recipe and streamline and simplify the proccess. They did
this with Tarte Tatin. I have been making this ever since with rave reviews.
   Granny Smith is what I use the majority of the time. It holds up much
better than any of the other supermarket apples. It is also much more
flavorful. Winesaps and fuji also gave good results but were a little
   I did review the recipe on the website provided. The Cooks is much
simplier. It is all done in a cast Iron skillet from start to finish so
there is much less handling of the apples.
   If you havent tried Tarte Tatin, you should. It is simple, easy and
delicious. How can you argue with butter, sugar, apples and carmelization.
   On a relate subject . This fall I decided to make it with pears instead
of apples. The overall taste was good. The funny thing though was that when
you bit into a pear you couldnt Identify it as a pear. The flavor of pear
was gone. There happened to be a pastry chef at the party I took this dish
to. He said apples will hold there flavor when cooked and pears often give
it up to the dish. So when he uses pears in certain pastries he will add
almond paste.


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