[NAFEX] selecting trifoliate

buretachi at juno.com buretachi at juno.com
Mon Mar 1 20:58:41 EST 2004

If breeding trifoliate with palatable citrus results in loss of
hardiness, then the approach to take would be selecting and hybridizing
only trifoliate plants then?  

There is a trifoliate in the neighborhood here that I eat the fruit from
for amusement a few times a year.  The flavor is tolerable, the seeds 
multitudinous and the resin aggravating.  Possibly many generations of
breeding could produce a success story similar to the develoment of
apples and asian persimmons...
At any rate, i have started some seedlings and we'll see what
happens...perhaps a sport that tastes like a King mandarin. ;-)

Lancaster, PA

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