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Some years ago I tried to understand the WI regs on this.   Never did feel 
as tho I had a good grasp of it, and regs change w/ time.   BUT, I doubt 
there is any rule anywhere that says you must have a nursery license just to 
buy wholesale, but rather for turning over the product in a business or 
possibly hobbie venture.  (Here in WI the logic was to license & keep track 
of the people/places who were turning over the larger volumes, for keeping 
track of disease & insect spread.)

The wholesalers I bought from were concerned only that a buyer order enough 
volumes of plants to make the exchanges worthwhile.   That's like the 
"wholesaler discount" advertised by those nurseries which try to do both 
wholesale and retail.

I never did completely understand the tax issues, sorry.   Wholesalers and 
retailers in WI were (are?) issued a "tax number", for which current info 
can probably be got from the WI Dept of Revenue-- that is, your state's 


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I have a bunch of landscaping to do of my own yard ($2000 or more in plants 
to purchase).  I have been advised that I can get a nuresery business 
license from the state for $45 and buy my plants from a wholesale nursery at 
a lower price that at a retail place.  I may resell a small quantity of 
plants to friends if I have the energy to organize this, but that is not my 
main purpose in getting the license.  As long as my sales a below a certain 
level, I won't have taxes to pay to the state.  What is the catch here?  It 
sounds like I'm getting something for the nothing (buying plants at 
wholesale prices).  Could someone please explain the wholesale nursery 
business to me?  Can I by a few plants here, a few plants there, or do 
wholesale places only deal in big orders?  Is the wholesale/retail 
distinction all about tracking who pays what taxes?
-Mark Lee

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