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Hey, list-gurus:  Please see my address in the by-line below.  This posting 
did not come from me.  I'm not offended, but I wonder if this is a red flag 
for some problem or other?

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In a message dated 6/17/2004 7:41:58 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
tanistanis at hotmail.com writes:
 >   I am wondering what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of
 > dormant
 > wood grafting vs. bud grafting in late summer.  I am working with dwarf
 > trees, and want to change the entire tree over to a new variety.   Any
 > thoughts on whether I should graft this summer or wait until next spring?

My experience is as long as the wood is in the "spring slip", you can
successfully graft.

In this area I can still graft persimmon, bark is starting to lose slip, but
will go out totally shortly. My guess is further south already out, north
maybe two weeks longer. My guess again is apple will be nearly the same.
Topworking now, go for it.

Once had an apple with 10 varieties on it. Problem was it was on M9 and
didn't have it staked, blew over!


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