[NAFEX] Re: chestnuts

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Fri Jun 18 20:55:49 EDT 2004

On Jun 16, 2004, at 7:37 PM, list at ginda.us wrote:
. . .I still wonder whether the Chestnut will ever be more than 
functionally extinct,
>>>> since its habitat niche has been filled by other species in the 
>>>> last 50+ years.
> Well, it's mostly been replaced by oaks, which I expect will be 
> endangered by sudden oak death in another decade, so there might be a 
> big 'ole niche open for it.  But perhaps I am too pessimistic.
> . . .
> Ginda

Or not pessimistic enough.  i have been googling "sudden oak death' and 
it seems that chestnuts are probably susceptible, too.  As are beech 
trees.  This might be worse than chestnut blight.  US sites don't 
mention chestnuts, since there are so few of them here.  But British 
ones do.

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