[NAFEX] RE: chestnuts

Gene Spears Spears at LMC.edu
Thu Jun 17 11:45:38 EDT 2004

 From what I understand from discussions with Greg, the upright, 
'timber-type' growth pattern of C.dentata is a fairly dominant trait, even 
in F1 & F2 generations?

	Most of the trees at the Meadowview farm are still fairly young.  The tallest 
appears to be about 30 ft. high, and that is one of the first generation crosses, 
so it may not get much bigger.

  I presume that TACF and ACCF are concentrating principally on 
1) blight resistance and 2) timber-type growth; is there no one in the 
upper echelons of either group who have raised the possibility of looking 
at nut quality as well, or do you suppose that at some point that might 
become an area in which some selective breeding might be directed?

	I doubt if TACF will be willing to go that route.  They've invested a lot of time 
and $$ in developing the "Forest Tree".  In my chapter, I'm the only board member that
has much interest in an "Orchard Tree".  They're also pretty protective of the trees 
that come from their breeding program, understandably so, IMO.
	What is encouraging, however, is how quickly you can get a producing tree under the
right conditions - lots of sun, Miracid fertilizer and some deer protection.  Also, chestnuts
are well-suited to the eastern forests (or were, before the blight) - they flower in mid-
summer, avoiding frost, and handle the clayey, acidic soils well.  If some one or group has
a lot of land and a reasonable amount of patience, I think an Orchard Tree line could be 
created fairly quickly

spears at lmc.edu

PS - Lucky, the names look familiar, but I can't say I know your TN friends

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