[NAFEX] Re: chestnuts

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Wed Jun 16 21:21:07 EDT 2004

Heron Breen wrote:

> <snip> Thanks Rob, I like what you are saying here. Just to Keep Hope Alive, can anyone 
> dig up an example where human breeding endeavors restored an endangered wild tree 
> or other plant population to breeding levels and successful repopulation? <snip>


How about the good old elm tree?  In Ontario we are in the midst of an 
elm recovery.

It appears that certain elms had some immunity to dutch elm disease, but 
were so distant from one another they could not pollinate each other.  
Now that trees are being found, the elm can be recovered.


There is always hope for the chestnut, for those dedicated to saving it.


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