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Mauch1 at aol.com Mauch1 at aol.com
Tue Jun 15 10:30:33 EDT 2004

I'm not absolutely sure about this, but I believe Imidan's 
manufacturer did not re-register Imidan for home use.  I 
think it is still available as a restricted use pesticide (probably in much larger/expensive quantities.)  Which of course you have to have an applicator's license for.

<Imidan's the ticket. A relatively low impact, non-organic insecticide.  I use it only for curculio, and trap out maggots, but it works on apple maggot (or trypeta, as some of the old books say) too.

Steve Herje, Lone Rock, WI

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6
40° 5' N    75° 51'W
~650 ft elevation

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