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Jim F bonfire58_2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 1 09:15:54 EDT 2004

   A couple of weeks ago, I asked the group if anyone knew of an internet based company that sells the fungicide, Thiram.  I received one response instructing me to do a Google search, which I had already done with zero results.
   So, may I ask the question again?  Other names for Thiram include:

 Common names include thiram (U.S.), thiuram (Japan), and TMTD (former U.S.S.R.), TMT, and TMTDS. Trade names include AAtack, Arasan, Aules, Fermide 850, Fernasan, FMC 2070, Hexathir, Mercuram, Micropearls, Nomersan, Pomarsol, Puralin, Rezifilm, Rhodiasan Express, Spotrete, Tersan, Thiosan, Thiotex, Thiramad, Thirame, Thiuramin, Thirasan, Tirampa, Tiuramyl, TMTC, TMTD 50 Borches, Trametan, Tuads, and Tulisan. 


Jim Fruth

Pequot Lakes, MN

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