[NAFEX] Rooting Mulberry Cuttings

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
Fri Jul 23 14:31:01 EDT 2004

I searched the archives for Del's description of rooting grapes

Here is a link to the posting:


Lon provided the instructions that Del followed, and a neighbor provided
the warming tray.

Lon's technique has worked great for me with grapes and figs.


-Mark Lee, Seattle


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>From dormant spring cuttings, a mulberry I found at the end of the
street rooted just like dormant grape cuttings root. 

The best-ever explanation of rooting dormant spring grape cuttings was
sent to this list by Del Stubbs.  Bob, I refer you to the archives to
search for what Del Stubbs sent then, including pictures.  Del, thanks
for pushing my grape cutting rooting program forward.  Now....what am I
going to do with all those grape plants that resulted? 

Charlie Paradise 
a Massachusetts filled with grapes and waiting for the DNC to start

Bob Kelly wrote: 

Do I recall correctly that mulberry rubra x alba  cuttings are fairly
easy to root?  If so, could someone enlighten me as to techniques and
timing? Thanks. Bob KellyZone 7bNE Mississippi 


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