[NAFEX] Mulberry

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri Jul 16 10:35:43 EDT 2004

At 10:02 AM 7/16/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>   Now my Wellington is all the opposite of Lucky's (Is one of them not 
> it?) It has more and bigger berries than I.E. great growth habit Have 
> never had any dieback here  etc.  Why ??????
I don't know, Gordon, unless one of ours is mislabeled(you didn't get your 
Wellington wood from me, did you?), or perhaps it just doesn't like my 

>Pakistan would not survive in Zone 5 anyway it is big and near 2 inch long 
>fruit I understand.
Several years back, Dr. A.J. Bullard wrote a piece for POMONA on Mulberries 
for the Southeast.  He mentioned that Pakistan was really a zone 7 or 
warmer plant, as the lowest recorded temperature in its native Islamabad 
was about 28 F.  He indicated it *might* work in zone 6, but recommended 
having it on its own roots or planting with the graft union below ground - 
which I did.  My Pakistan killed back to the ground each winter for 3 years 
in a row; it would regrow 8-10 ft each year, but never fruited.  I dug it 
up, and potted it up, with the intention of giving it to my dad, who lives 
on the zone7/8 interface - but I misplaced/lost it, and never did find it.
I got some Pakistan wood this year, and have high-worked it about 7 feet up 
in my Packy tree.  We'll see if it survives the winter in that position.


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