[NAFEX] help ID mystery plum-apricot

Rodney Eveland reveland at collinscom.net
Thu Jul 15 22:23:20 EDT 2004

Just how hardy is Prunus cerasifera? Can it survive zone 4, or is it a
zone 5 plant?  I have Sapalta and Compass cherry plums and both are
described as best for preserves rather than fresh eating. My Sapalta
is as good as any cherry once you get past the bitter skin. It does
make a great jam unless the maker adds too much sugar, drowning out
the flavor imparted by the skin. I however prefer fruit for eating
fresh as that is part of what makes Fall such a great season. So if
anyone comes across a cherry plum that truly tastes like a Black
Cherry without the bitter skin please let us know about it. Prunus
cerasifera still sounds good to me, but if it cannot deal well with
zone 4 conditions I'm out of luck.

Rodney Eveland
in Northeast Wyoming where Montmorency, Stanley, Harlson, Sapalta,
Compass, and a couple of other plums were the only trees to set fruit
after 2 hard frosts while they were blooming this spring. It will be a
light crop but hopefully quality will be up.

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