[NAFEX] Summer prune gooseberries and currants?

Ribes60 at aol.com Ribes60 at aol.com
Wed Jul 14 14:31:21 EDT 2004

I frequently prune gooseberries during the growing season.I do this  
primarily to reduce the side shoots on the canes. I prefer to have the plants  open to 
make harvesting easier. I am sure that I lose some total capacity of  fruit 
but I think that I make up for it with larger and better quality fruit,  just 
as thinning peaches or bunch thinning grapes. Remember that dormant pruning  is 
a stimulating process and that summer tends to be an inhibiting  process.
One thing that I adhere to is that I do NOT tip or cut canes other than  back 
to the base of the plant. Cutting a cane (heading it back) makes many side  
shoots or branchlets and that makes harvesting a bit harder and painful.
Ed Mashburn
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