[NAFEX] third apple for backyard orchard?

Allen B. Downey downey at allendowney.com
Sat Jul 10 13:58:17 EDT 2004

Hi All,

I have been planning a backyard orchard for years,
and this year I finally bought a house, so it's time
to make it happen.

I have room for 5-6 semi-dwarf trees, but I am thinking
about starting with just three this year. I am ordering
now for planting next spring.

I have been looking at Cummins Nursery, since they have
many of the varieties I want on the rootstocks that will
give me the size I want (M26, G30, that ballpark).

I have decided on two of the varieties I want to grow,
but I am stuck on the third, which is why I am writing to
ask for suggestions.  What I have so far is William's Pride
for early eating apples and Golden Russett for late cider.

For the third tree I was thinking about Mutsu, because it
is midseason, green, and I like them.  But they are getting to
be common, and I would rather grow something I couldn't more
easily buy.

Here are the criteria I am thinking about, in decreasing
order of importance:

1) Good tasting eating apple.

2) Disease resistant would be good, since I plan to do MINIMAL

3) Midseason maturity would be good but not necessary.

4) Something a little off the beaten path would be good.
   A heritage variety would be great as long as it doesn't
   violate criterion #1

5) They don't have to be pretty.

6) They don't have to be super sweet -- I like a tart apple, too.

So, there it is.  What do you think?

Thanks, NAFEXers!


p.s. I am tempted to plant Esopus Spitzenberg because
I really like to say "Esopus Spitzenberg".  Try it,
you'll see what I mean:

"Hey, what kind of apple tree is that?"

"Why, that's an Esopus Spitzenberg!"

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