[NAFEX] The squirrel pressure is just too intense.

DocKW at aol.com DocKW at aol.com
Fri Jul 2 13:48:52 EDT 2004

Here is zone 5  southwest Connecticut we have the same squirrel 
pressure...cleaned 2 peach trees so far....and doing the others when they have the time...
I find there is NO end of squirrels as locals feed the birds year round...so 
they keep multiplying.  
lead is the best bet here even though we do have lots of hawks which I've 
seen take a squirrel now and then..
So far...the cherries are gone....varmints...now the peaches...and blue 
next the apples and pears...oh well.
They can't have my chestnuts because the chestnuts have almost only pollen 
bearing flowers this year...no female flowers.  
Karl Olson,  
Feeding the deer my beans and spinach crop too...:(

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