[NAFEX] Newtown Pippins in Northern New England

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I have a 10 year old Yellow Newtown Pippin on M7 rootstock that I purchased
from Miller Nursery. Port Clinton, Oh is on the southern shore of Lake Erie
in Zone 5. The lake effect in some ways is somewhat like Zone 6. The tree
has flourished. The fruit does not ripen properly before the weather freezes
up. This was the first year that some of the fruit gained size and appeared
ready to be picked. The apples were not eatable off the tree. They are now
in my root cellar seeing if they ripen enough for use. I would not suggest
planting the Yellow Newtown Pippen in this part of Zone 5. Perhaps others
have had better luck.


Ro Chapman

Baylands Farm

Port Clinton, OH 43452



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I was wondering if anyone on the list in Zone 5 / Northern New England has
been successful growing and ripening Newtown Pippins.  I'm located in
Central Coastal Maine and believe I'm definitely on the cusp of where these
apples will grow, but I'd still like to see if I can make them work.  I've
got a number of these trees that I'll be planting this Spring and want to do
what I can to increase their chances of longterm survival and good fruit
production.  The trees being planted are either on MM 111 (in 2004) or
Vineland 1 (in 2005).


Is anyone in a similar climate having success growing Newtown Pippins?  How
have you gone about it?  Any special considerations or concessions you've
made regarding rootstock, site location, winter protection?  I'd love to
hear about it.  Thanks.




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John A Gasbarre
Three Hills Farm
Union, Maine  USA
organic at threehillsfarm.com
44° 15' 45" N / 69° 19' 45" W

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