[NAFEX] Thinning Pears

Todd Ravitch travitch at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 29 08:27:56 EST 2004

Hello Everyone,

Last spring I had a large amount of fruit set on a new
Bartlett Pear tree that I purchased at a local
nursery.  When the fruit were about a dime or a little
less in diameter I went to thinning the fruit.  I had
intended to leave only about 3 pears total.  But, when
I thinned each cluster by cutting the stem of the
fruit with a scissor, I found that sap would leak out
of the stems and it also removed the sap from the
fruit that I left.  The remaining fruit mummified for
lack of a better term.  This fruit looked terrible as
it grew so I just pulled it off before it was a
quarter in diameter.  So my question is what did I do
wrong and how exactly should I thin pears.  Also are
there other major fruits that this will happen to as
well.  I am new at growing fruit and read all I can
but I need additional help.

Todd Ravitch
NE Oklahoma USDA Zone 6B

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