[NAFEX] Petite Jewel Seedless grape

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Feel free to get picky.  It keeps the rest of us honest.  Petite Jewel was
given a Uof MN # for what it's worth.  I tasted it during a visit there
several years ago.  The U was unsure whether to release it because the plant
threw an occasional seed.

Almost every grape produced in the MN/WI area depends on Elmer's breeding
one way or another.  He is out of the hybridization business due to his
advanced age.  His vinyard is being preserved for the moment and his
material is under observation.  You can expect others to name products of
Elmer's breeding in the future.

Steve Herje  Lone Rock, WI  USDA zone 3

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> >Try the University of Minnesota's recent release,'Petite Jewel'.  Very
> >fruity, almost perfumed flavor, and seedless grapes don't get any
> Not to get picky, but Petite Jewel was made from a cross done by Elmer
> Swenson.  It is hardy to about -32F or so, small berry on a small cluster,
> but is just wonderful to eat; spicy, explosive fruit flavor.
> Dean
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