[NAFEX] cold storage scions bleach and grafting tools

Peter Knop knop at erols.com
Wed Jan 28 03:31:15 EST 2004

Can someone expand on the comment of "dip in bleach" process?  Also, when
best to make cuttings (as well as make grafts? I took a bunch of cuttings of
che two weeks ago (N. VA - at about 32 F) now stored in plastic bags in
Fridge with damp paper towels) which I will be grafting onto Maclura
pomifera - this is a first for me - will be using some grafting tools my son
gave me for Christmas - tools made in Italy with no brand name simply called
"manual grafting tool" for "notch" and Omega grafts and another for "All
 Many thanks Peter N. VA  zone 7  -7C tonight snow and ice :-)

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