[NAFEX] Grafting-where did I go wrong

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What an honor to be quoted on the listserv!

Yes-- rubber electrician's splicing tape.  Cut strips about 3" (depending on 
diameter of graft) off the roll, peal off the backing, give the tape a 
pre-stretch, then wrap the graft.  Tape holds graft firmly w/o constricting, 
and breaks down gradually.  No need for any grafting compound or other outer 

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I had a similar experience a couple years ago.  When I dissected the
failures, it looked as though the Doc Farwell's I used had wicked its way
betwixt scion and stock.

You might want to try using a rubber strip, polytape or something
else(Tannis Cuff mentioned some sort of electrician's tape, too).  Then seal
the whole thing with the grafting compound.

Steve Herje, USDA zone 3 SW WI

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 > Stop me before I murder some more perfectly good scions:
 > Last spring, I got several apple scions through the Seed Saver's 
 > I had read up on grafting, attended a session at the meet in Decorah the
 > previous summer, got a nice sharp knife that passed the thumb test
 > (fortunately, the cut was so clean it healed quickly!), and all that.
 > I made a number of grafts, cleft ones in an attempt to "top work" an
 > ancient boundary row apple on growth perhaps an inch in diameter, an 
 > (?) graft on similar growth, and a number of whip-and-tongue ones on a
 > lackluster red delicious in the back yard.  I had misplaced some acrylic
 > sealer I bought, so used the heavy bottom gunk from  an old can of 
 > house paint to seal the grafts after taping them with some biodegradable
 > grafting tape bought at the same time as the knife and the "Doc Farwell's
 > Grafting Seal," which I found a week after doing all this.
 > The base trees had broken dormancy and were starting to flower; scions 
 > been kept in a plastic bag in the vegetable bin in the fridge and were
 > still dormant; nice green cambium visible when I made the cuts; 
 > lined up, I hope correctly.  The success rate was, I think zero, though
 > some scions had green under the bark into fall, so I didn't cut anything
 > off, hoping they may "break" this spring.
 > I know there's as much art as science in this; have I given enough
 > information to go on?   I have Ed Fackler's book, which Dan Busey of Seed
 > Savers swears is all anybody needs.
 > Thanks,
 > Gary Woods AKA K2AHC- PGP key on request, or at www.albany.net/~gwoods
 > Zone 5/6 in upstate New York, 1420' elevation. NY WO G
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