[NAFEX] St. Julian rootstock experience?

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Fri Jan 23 13:02:39 EST 2004

None of the Hansen hybrids work in the NW.  They are all very susceptible to
Pseudomonas in the cold, wet spring, which causes the blossoms to blast and
kills back the growth.  Most will grow out again when the weather turns warm
and dry, making them look great, but in over ten years, I got about two
fruits off of a couple of them.
I tried them years ago when places like Gurney's were still selling them
-Lon Rombough

Hanska sounds interesting.  I wonder how it would do in Seattle.  I have
hybrid plum-apricot (Pluot) trees in two different locations in town.  These
trees are the first to bloom in my collection.  In one location I always get
a few fruits.  In the other location I never get fruit.  If they bloomed a
little later I think these plum-apricot trees would do better.  If you have
experience with Hanska, does it bllom earlier or later relative to plums?

Also I'm looking for someone with some Hanska scionwood.  I checked the
ARS-GRIN government collection, and Hanska is not listed.

-Mark Lee, Seattle, zone 7B/8A

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