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    I have received 1 pound of purchased ZIZIPHUS jujube (Common Name: Chinese Date  Source: India,) resonantly.  These Jujube seed that I ordered from a reputable seed company.  BUT! these seed Is much larger 3 times as much, with a shape that I am unfamiliar with, and many of the seed is larger than most of the fruit I have eaten. 
      I Lived in Korea for 4 year and observed many ZIZIPHUS jujube growing wild and in domesticated setting and I have never seed seed this large.  I know there is 3 species of ZIZIPHUS.  One native to India and Africa (Ziziphus Spinoza) both tropical.   Has any one got and reference on these seed so that I may know more about this type. Can these seed be used an root stock?  Will these seed be graft compatible with ZIZIPHUS jujube?  Is there a more common root stock that I have been missing.    

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