[NAFEX] St. Julian rootstock experience?

JoanRRosenberg at aol.com JoanRRosenberg at aol.com
Tue Jan 20 16:19:26 EST 2004

St Julian is a decent rootstock.  So is myrobalan. My drainage is poor and I have a high water table.  I don't think that is what killed the Citation.  I have lost one tree on Citation, the others are all doing quite well.  Most of them are apricots or pluots.  Citation has hardiness problems in zone 5 and north.  It is also susceptible to root-eating insects if you have them.  Buy your trees bare root.  When they come in containers, dump the soil, put the roots in water to clean/examine them for bugs.  As a novice it never occurred to me that a potted tree from a nursury could be carrying termites or carpenter ants or other root eating insects.  But I found out the hard way that they can.  Also voles and tree shrews can really feast ( and you won't see those creatures unless you have a cat that hunts them, and mine do).  Also sometimes you get a bad graft.  I have learned that some nurseries have good trees and others sell stock that dies within 3 years no matter what you do.  Also some places send stock not true to name.  You have to be careful whom you order from and research what you select. As for black apricots, I have a TlorTsiran that may fruit this year.  It bloomed last year, but did not fruit.  They need lots of chill hours.  If you are in a warm zone, maybe you should consider them an experiment.  

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