[NAFEX] Sorbus 'Rabina'

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Re: [NAFEX] Sorbus 'Rabina'The local arboretum has a huge collection of
Sorbus.  I have explored these trees in the fall looking for any that might
be worth growing for fruit.  Most make me gag.  Almost all are too bitter
and astringent to consider being edible.  Most are very acid also.  I have
found 2 Sorbus trees that I would like to grow (I have reported on these

Sorbus devoniensis when fully ripe has the flavor, sweetness and texture of
dates. In England these are collected and fermented into an alchoholic

Sorbus pallescens when fully ripe are sweet and tart with the flavor and
texture of apricots.

It sounds like Rabina, and the one Lon grows, is free of the
bitter-acid-astringent properties found in most Sorbus fruit.  Comments?

-Mark Lee, Seattle, zone 7B/8A

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  I have one of the same type, not necessarily the same variety.  When first
colored, it is quite acid, but after it hangs a while it tastes rather like
an apple-flavore berry.

    Howdy alll

    Jung's Nursery of Randoph, WI is offering a 'Rabina' mountain ash that
    says is edible, even "remarkably good tasting"..

    Has anyone tasted/grown it?

    Steve Herje, Lone Rock, WI   USDA zone 3
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